Alabama Heat Exchangers routinely produces heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and other process equipment in accordance with the latest requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (the ASME “U stamp). We also follow the American Petroleum Institute code and other relevant industry standards unique customer specifications when requested.

Our repair work meets the requirements of the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors and is marked with the NBIC “R” stamp.

Engineering / Drafting

Alabama Heat Exchangers works with its clients closely to produce fast and accurate designs that meet all of the relevant standards and customer specifications, whether it’s ASME, API, ABS, or something client specific.


With our in-house machining capabilities including CNC milling and drilling, conventional and turret lathes, horizontal boring mills, and standard drill presses, AHE can produce tubesheets, baffles, flanges, headers, and other miscellaneous machined parts as needed. We can also repair/restore wasted or damaged sealing surfaces on existing equipment.


Our welding services cover a wide variety of applications from new fabrication to complex repairs. AHE is well versed in GTAW, SMAW, FCAW, GMAW, and SAW and is qualified to weld numerous alloys ranging from carbon steel and stainless to high-nickel alloys, titanium and other exotic materials. All procedures and welders are qualified to ASME Sec. IX standards.


Our highly talented fitters spare no attention to detail, and this enables us to produce the great quality welds our end users find in their equipment once fabrication or repair is complete. They’ve earned us a reputation for fabricating replacement equipment that drops right in place as it should.

Service & Repair

Whether our customers just need routine pressure testing and inspection or a complete re-build of their equipment, our service and repair department is there to make it happen quickly and accurately. The depth of experience of this team makes it possible to troubleshoot with our clients and offer the best possible solution to help keep downtime to a minimum.

Quality Control

Our QC department works closely with all elements of the process, from end user to shop floor and Authorized Inspectors, to help us ensure we continue to maintain only the highest quality fabrication and repair as we’ve provided since 1986. Close attention to detail and depth of knowledge and experience with codes and standards are what make this possible.