This horizontal, carbon steel heat exchanger was part of a skid package. It was designed as a BEM and has a vapor belt around the shell. It was primed with a zinc oxide paint and delivered to an Oil & Gas refinery in Houston, TX.
We built this vertical BEM style heat exchanger with stainless steel bonnets and a carbon steel shell and was manufactured to engineering specifications for a paper mill.
This heat exchanger was manufactured in 7 days and is built using 304 stainless steel. The plastic shipping covers are protecting the tubing and were ultimately covered with a solid substrate for delivery to a chicken processing plant in Las Vegas, Nevada.
This horizontal air receiver tank is built of carbon steel and was delivered on an Alabama Heat Exchanger Flatbed to a paper mill in Alabama.
Air fin exchangers, also know as thin-fan exchangers are used in a lot of oil refineries. This 8'x 20' was built to specifications of carbon steel and delivered to a refinery in middle Alabama.
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