304L Stainless Condenser
This 304L Stainless Condenser was fabricated at 5' diameter and 30' Long. It was built for and transported to a chemical plant in the United Kingdom (UK).
Carbon Steel Heat Exchanger
This horizontal, carbon steel heat exchanger was part of a skid package. It was designed as a BEM and has a vapor belt around the shell. It was primed with a zinc oxide paint and delivered to an Oil & Gas refinery in Houston, TX.
BEM Style Heat Exchanger
We built this vertical BEM style heat exchanger with stainless steel bonnets and a carbon steel shell and was manufactured to engineering specifications for a paper mill.
304 Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
This heat exchanger was manufactured in 7 days and is built using 304 stainless steel. The plastic shipping covers are protecting the tubing and were ultimately covered with a solid substrate for delivery to a chicken processing plant in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Horizontal Air Receiver Tank
This horizontal air receiver tank is built of carbon steel and was delivered on an Alabama Heat Exchanger Flatbed to a paper mill in Alabama.
Air Fin Exchangers
Air fin exchangers, also know as fin-fan exchangers are used in a lot of oil refineries. This 8'x 20' was built to specifications of carbon steel and delivered to a refinery in middle Alabama.
Stainless Removable Tube Bundle
This tube bundle is in service in a facility in Bay St. Louis. This quick turnaround project was a replacement in kind built to replace existing bundles.
Stainless Custom Filter Housing
This Stainless Custom Filter Housing is one of many delivered to a facility in Pensacola, Florida. These are commonly built with a removable head to accept a filter basket .
Distillation Column
This distillation column constructed of all carbon steel was engineered to order and delivered to a facility in Axis, Alabama.
Carbon Steel Mixing Tank
This carbon steel mixing tank was delivered to a chemical manufacturer - post-weld heat treated and specialty coated with a high heat aluminum paint.
Stainless Custom Filter Housing
This is the interior of the stainless custom filter housing with the head removed showing the sparger pipe.
BEM Heat Exchanger
These Carbon Steel BEM Heat Exchangers came in from a refinery for repair and retubing. Behind the exchangers is a alloy 2205 half-pipe jacketed reactor ready for delivery.
Heat Exchanger with a Vapor Belt
This heat exchanger was custom built for a Texas refinery and delivered directly by a local transportation partner.
Vertical Distillation Column
This vertical distillation column was fabricated for a local chemical manufacturer to support efficient separation and continuous plant operation.
Helicoil Repair
This giant heater with internal hastelloy® HeliCoils repair was completed for a specialty chemical manufacturer in Louisiana.
Stainless Steel Removable Tube Bundle
This was an in-kind replacement built for a refinery in Mississippi.
Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
All 316L Stainless Steel custom fabrication for a manufacturer of sweetener products.
Hastelloy® Reactor
Photo of polished internals of a reactor made of hastelloy® - built for a pharmaceutical manufacturer.
Custom intercooler with obround section post-weld heat-treated with internal and removable copper exchanger bundles.
Stainless Steel Removable Tube Bundle
We built this stainless steel removable tube bundle in a carbon steel shell and delivered to our customer - a paper mill in Georgia.
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